Hola and Welcome! Over the next few minutes, as you read through our blog, you’ll find out ‘how we went from overworked 9 to 5er’s to traveling the world and living on the beaches of Costa Rica, job free since 2011!’ 

But more importantly, we want to share with you some of our craziest travel stories, our unique (and ridiculous) lifestyle experiments, not limited to mindset hacking, ‘unheard of’ fitness regimes and wacky problem solving skills only ‘weird ones’ like us will pursue…

…to inspire you to live the life you may have been searching for!

Hey friend, its Kat and Romeo!

…and just like you, we were looking for something that we didn’t know existed:

A Life Totally Designed By Us.

In 2011, we dropped everything (quit our jobs, sold everything, no plan B, all the unrealistic stuff <– silly us lol) and went after our dreams of living a…

“travel life, location free, internet lifestyle”

After gruelling months of trial and error, doing everything under the sun to solve this “online income creation” puzzle, the impossible happened, and we actually figured it out!

From clueless newbies “throwing spaghetti at the wall” to branded entrepreneurs owning multiple businesses online, traveling the world and living on the beaches of Costa Rica…

…to leading a tribe of heart centered Internet Entrepreneurs from all around the world, from all walks of life, we’ve passionately called:

Freedom Vibes Tribe

…we’re here to tell you the awesome news, there is a recipe to our madness.

The “secret sauce“?

Keep reading, and you too can have it!


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