Cashew Fruit Picking in Costa Rica

Let’s face it.

It’s not the most popular thing to do.

In fact, not many people even know cashews come from a fruit!

Well, Let’s pick up some cashews aaaaand…

Welcome To Our Life in Costa Rica

…where we don’t do much but do weird stuff 🙂

So Cashew fruit picking huh?

Yup! Cashew Fruit Picking in Costa Rica

I can’t remember the last time we ate something that we had never tried before.

Kat had never seen or heard of a “cashew fruit”, while I had actually tried it, but just never paid attention to fruits or anything healthy when i was a kid… (dang, I was fat)

This was our first time Cashew Fruit Picking in Costa Rica.

Monday morning. 2:09pm @Anna’s Bakery.

Start of the Cashew Fruit Picking Story.

Our good friend Umberto, from Nicaragua shows us this weirdly shaped orange fruit the other day and asks,

“Quieres maranon?”

Blank faces.


And of course, with his funny Costa Rican humour, he says it over and over, coz he knows our spanish totally sucks.

“Me gusta! Quieres maranon, si?

But we catch on pretty quick.

Quicker… since we noticed the tip of the weird fruit resembled somewhat of a green cashew.

Cashew Fruit Picking in Costa Rica

Light Bulb.

But we couldn’t believe it.

“Is that really… a cashew on the tip… but its a fruit…?”, we said.

I guess we never really pondered about where cashews came from, especially on a monday morning.

But after being in awe for several minutes and convincing ourselves that it was such a “cool find”, I realized I’d had these as a kid in the Phil.

I’d actually been Cashew Fruit Picking before.

I quickly and vaguely remembered the quirky taste and immediately wanted Kat to take a piece, and see her reaction.


Watch our Cashew Fruit Picking in Costa Rica Video here again:

So I googled and found interesting facts about these greasy buggers.

Super Fruits.

Cashew Fruit Picking in Costa Rica

Yup, 5 times the vitamin C than in Oranges. That puts them in line with green peppers having the same vitamin content and other super fruits.

But judging by the taste, and the immense surge of energy we got from a single piece, they sure do have a ton more vitamins than that.

For a regular sized fruit, we’re looking at 80 to 100 calories, no more than 20g of carbs and surprisingly, has only about a 2g fat content.

Although, I couldn’t find anymore information online about our “cool find”, i could tell its something that should be a part of our diet.

So back to the Cashew Fruit Picking in Costa Rica Story….

Umberto told us the where a bouts of the cashew trees and trekked all the way there on a hot monday morning.

Dang! What an adventure!

(it was really just about 5km from our place, but it was exciting as hell)

Cashew Fruit Picking in Costa Rica

Why Im I so excited to be writing this, and making videos?

Coz, its what I do every single day!

Imagine living a life where you didn’t have to do anything you didn’t want.

And all you did was, EVERYTHING you wanted.

Imagine being exactly who you’ve always wanted to be.

Imagine having EXACTLY everything you’ve always wanted.

Visualize yourself and know, Its a choice we all have to make:

“To Be, Do and Have” what we want in life.

Cashew Fruit Picking in Costa Rica

Its inevitable.

Others decide early on in life…

Others take 10, 20, 30 years…

Thats ok.

But does it really take something terrible to happen to finally do something about your lingering want to be’s, want to do’s and want to have’s?


getting fired from a job when you knew from the start you didn’t like it…

getting a divorce coz you were always at work, and neglected your family…

getting sick and ill from a job that you never really wanted to do, but always knew you could do so much better?

Wouldn’t you want to secure yourself now and start to really see YOU and your potential as an entrepreneur…

…Instead of just having a job working for someone…

building THEIR dream…

and working 40, 50, 60 hours a week…

and have literally NO TIME for you and your family?

Ask yourself.

Decide to finally stop the struggle and live.

You deserve it. 🙂


Thanks for reading! You are awesome and I appreciate you.  🙂



From the Beaches Of Costa Rica,

cashew fruit picking in costa rica

Kat and Romeo

Cool Beans. 🙂

P.S. Come say heeey!

** Featured image borrowed from: RM Curtis Website **

cashew fruit picking in costa rica