The Key To Effortless Action

I will admit that on this journey, I constantly face challenges – but the more I face, the stronger I get and eventually always find the answers I am looking for.

There is no words like “quit, or stop” in my vocabulary – it wasn’t always this way to be truthful, but it is a decision I made when Romeo and I really grabbed the reigns of our life and began building our life the way we chose…

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people cant.”

Warren G. Tracy’s student

However, there is always more to learn, and that will never end – I embrace each step of growth that I have encountered because it only makes me better, stronger and more powerful in my life.

Recently, I faced some challenges which I did not expect but caught me in a strange whirlwind where I began to lose the feeling of inspired action and really got caught up in work for work’s sake – which is one of the cardinal rules to avoid that Tim Ferriss wrote about in The Four Hour Work Week.

So, how do we get to that feeling of ‘flow’ we all seek? The inspired action where we lose track of time because we are completely lost in the passion for our work, or hobby or activity?

What is the key to effortless action?

I share my recent breakthrough in this video – it has really made a massive difference in my life and caused quite  a shift.

Entrepreneurs Journey – The Key To Effortless Action

It has spilled over into all parts of my life and now this principle – which seems so simple and common sense – has become the cornerstone to how I have chosen to live from here on in. I have incorporated daily actions which I set out in my recent 90 Day Intention Video – and I believe this to be the catalyst to a new level of growth and change that is now happening.

One of the daily habits that I have implemented is daily silent meditation practice – I have sought out the silence and it has helped me immensely to quiet my mind and really live in the moment.

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Hope you enjoyed the short video: Entrepreneurs Journey – The Key To Effortless Action!

Much love to you!

Blogging from the beaches of Costa Rica,

The Key To Effortless Action

Kat 😉

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Entrepreneurs Journey – The Key To Effortless Action