HI. its kat n’romeo.

(beach bum entrepreneurs from #puravida Land)

we’re travelers – wanderers of sorts. we got all our possessions with us and minimalism is our middle name (Cheese is our last). 

We’re on an EPIC Adventure as we #embark on the road to awesomeness, #tackle on the potatoes of life, #grabbing life by its ..lls, and of course…

#helping you create YOUR version of Freedom.

We are a duo, a crazy pair of almonds that fell from a tomato tree, and, umm hooked up. In other words, we are the EPIC DUOthe crazy ones the world’s been waiting for

But Seriously now...

...this is just WHERE YOU CAN CONTACT US.


Pura Vida!

Kat and Romeo
Playa Avellanas, Costa Rica