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A Simple Story of Having Time Freedom And Working From Anywhere In the World – A Four Hour Work Week Success Story

A Four Hour Work Week Success Story

It all started with wanting more time freedom – Being able to do anything we wanted without anyone telling us what to do, and essentially be able to live the life we always wanted.

We literally wanted to work from anywhere around the world!!

Too idealistic and not worth your time?

Let’s see…

It was only a year and a half ago that my husband and I lived pay check to pay check, my husband working a gruelling physically exhausting job as a fast food manager while I jumped around from job to job to get him out of his job, living like that for the ten years we had been together. And now we live on the beach in Costa Rica, and we are a true to life Four Hour Work Week Success Story, living with time freedom and truly able to work from anywhere.

Four Hour Work Week Success Story

Isn’t Abe so cute? Oh, if you don’t know who that lil guy in the picture is, literally hanging out on the book that changed our life, read up about him… he’s our lil ctenosaur, Abe the Costa Rican Black Iguana!

The Question is…

four hour work week success story

Do people really live this way?

Is it really possible?

Can you do the same?

The answer is a resounding YES!!!

Watch the video below…

Our Four Hour Work Week Success Story:

When we first read the Four Hour Work Week – it almost seemed like an alien language and we had a hard time wrapping our brain around the fact that there were people living this way. We saw all these amazing Four Hour Work Week Success Stories and the seeds were planted in us that: IT’S POSSIBLE.

But it still took belief in ourselves and massive action to make it happen.

Truthfully, we had created this life that we were both unhappy with but we also made ourselves comfortable in it. As the years passed, it was easier to just accept it and we continued to suppress our dreams of travelling the world and wanting a better life for ourselves.

But we always felt different.

We always felt like the ‘weird ones’.

We always wanted more and knew we had great potential within us.

And part of the reason we were so unhappy was because we knew we weren’t making the most of our potential and our LIFE.

So, we asked ourselves:

What is the cost of inaction?

And it was far scarier then finally taking action and jumping to the unknown of what could happen if we finally went after our dreams.

Funny thing is, even though we developed an ability to take action and keep moving forward with the HOPES of attaining even a fraction of our dream – we never could have imagined that our life would turn out BETTER then we could have ever imagined, or hoped for.

Everything Timothy Ferriss wrote about in the Four Hour Work Week is TRUE and it happened to us.

We are a Four Hour Work Week Success Story and now we continue to push the boundaries of what is considered ‘impossible’ because we have come so far.

But the most important thing?

We can now show others that ANYONE CAN DO THIS.

We came from knowing nothing and really only had the guts to just make a decision and DO IT.

And now we sit here, with time freedom, and the ability to work from anywhere – all we need is our computer and an internet connection and we can travel the world, live on the beaches of Costa Rica and be in charge of how we spend our days.

You can do this too.

You can be a Four Hour Work Week Success Story.

You can live with time freedom.

You can work from anywhere.

You have the same potential and the same ability to tap into that belief within yourself and just make a decision.

We can show you what we have done because we think it’s our duty to show the world that they don’t have to live the 9-5 grind and that they can truly go after any dream they have.

Become a Four Hour Work Week Success Story!



From the beaches of Costa Rica,

Kat and Romeo, Four Hour Work Week Success Story, Living in Playa Flamingo

Kat, 1/2 of the Epic Duo Team

“Helping you live an EPIC Life”

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Four Hour Work Week Success Story – Time Freedom – Work From Anywhere


  1. Great post! I’m definitely interesting in learning more about Timothy Ferriss’ book: “The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich”

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