I was looking through my Youtube Videos and Saw This…

I quickly remembered just how fond I was of working out.

In fact, I used to workout 2 to 3 times a day – everyday without fail. I also, instantly remembered just how regular workouts bored me to death. LOL I remember the first time I ever worked out – I had picked up a book in the library that told me to do this, and that, like this and like that… and boy did I follow it.

Well, I only followed it because first, I had no idea what else to do and second, I just had to get my feet wet. So when I started seeing results, very little results after following that same book for many years – I realized that about 80% of what I was doing didn’t do anything for me! Like, running on a treadmill for 2+ hours – after ingesting carbs – and a whole plate of pasta right after, or drinking electric “koolaid” throughout the day – as per instructed by those dang ads that always sold me.

But we all know that your body can’t naturally release any glucagon in the presence of insulin in the blood! (this simply means you’re eating too much sugar that your body keeps burning off what you keep feeding it and it doesn’t tap into the “actual” fat stores that you want to get rid off) So what I did was, I researched more, became a human guinea pig – and thus started my experimental lifestyle.

It seems though, as I’m typing this in my balcony by the ocean, my love for lifestyle design hasn’t stopped… even after 16 years of various extreme experiments.

Here’s what I’m looking at right now:

Pretty cool, eh?

Hoookay, I’m obviously about to get distracted by the view and get off track, so to get back… The point I was getting to was – I was pretty fat. At 16 yrs old, I was 240lbs – sporting a tire even the michelin man would be jealous of.

I knew it couldn’t be healthy. So for the next many years, I experimented and with a hope of light, my experiments on myself started to make sense, and I started getting the results I wanted.

In a single month, I lost 30lbs. Then, I proceeded to get down to 150lbs in the next 2 years.

This is just because I went through the actual process of self experimentation.

I’d say at that point I’d tried just about every workout slash diet in the book and something about me… something that has rung true all my life is that I know I will always try new things and I figured out why:

I get bored.

LOL One time, I did an experiment where I literally ate 10 pound jugs of peanut butter for many months *ahem* years. And this was the result in the first month:

Or that time that I did the slow carb diet after coming back from a one week binge fest vacation in Cuba.

Here’s the results:

Pretty nifty…

I’ve got a ton more pics… in fact, too many (about 70gb) and I’m not too sure anymore what I’ve got!

So my point being, when you can experiment – or rather, when you actually start to experiment, you’d be surprised just how much your body and mind can take. I don’t want to say that your potential is limitless… it is – but, here’s the big butt…

That’s for you to find out!

From fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, wealth, love and anything in life – it is all limitless – it is all there… for you to take. Reach high, higher – for the impossible…. Experiment and you’ll see just How Life Really Works…

“Once in one’s life, for one mortal moment, one must make a grab for immortality; if not, one has not lived.”

– Sylvester Stallone 

Reach for it, my friend.

Ok… About that Shrug video…

LOL (sometimes I just keep typing and completely lose track…)

This is one ’em workout experiments that has produced me some huge strength and skeletal muscle gains over the past many years – all because of experimentation (created this video last year around Halloween – and totally forgot about blogging about it!) Here’s…

I Shrugged.

A Late Halloween Workout Training Video and the Lifestyle Experiments

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