But Its Not All Flowers and Lilies… at first.

You start out trying to see when its completely dark around you. You’re taken aback because what you find isn’t what you seek. Surprised – what awaits you are your demons that never reach the light…

Convincing you of all the reasons why you can’t, why you shouldn’t, and why you should stay in the dark.

You’re getting weary.

Tired of the battle.

It’s been a long, hard trip…

And you just… want.

The Journey To Success Is A Process

The promise of comfort entices you and your eyes get heavy.

For a split second, you do the unthinkable.

You give up

…on your vision

…on your dreams

…on your life.

You’re dazed…

Confused for a little bit.

Then you stare – start to refocus and suddenly, reality resurfaces.

The Journey To Success Is A Process

You see everything around you…

with a New set of eyes.

You see a path, but no road to walk on.

You realize there never was a road, you just have to keep walking – better than you ever have and a silent nod affirms…

What your heart has truly yearned for all these years:


 The Journey To Success Is A Process

And the only way there is moving forward, not back.

As the second hand moves, you stand up, compelled.

Prouder than you ever have

Convicted with inspired action.

Because you now know…

The journey to success is a process.

The Journey To Success Is A Process

And you can absolutely walk it, fearless.

No matter how many times you fall.

You Can Do It.

Like You Always Have.

This is the Flow of Life.

(It runs through us all)

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

– Steve Jobs


From the Playa Ballena, Costa Rica

realistic vs unrealistic - what i learned from tim ferriss

Romeo, 1/2 of the EPIC Duo Team

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The Journey to Success is a Process