Muua.. AH… ha.

Thats what usually comes out when I drink too much coffee.

Feels kind of like the Hulk slash Dracula… can you picture it?

Or maybe don’t.

I actually don’t drink THAT much coffee these days, but when I do, it serves a purpose… to get more productivity in, or to get a better workout in. Back in the day, I would buy a venti bold at Starbucks just to get me through another day of work, and because I knew the management guys, they’d always give me more… as in give me more caffeine LOL

Have you ever had a Venti Bold with a Dopio Espresso mixed in? or a triple mixed in?

Have you ever had 3 of these in a single day, and didn’t feel the effects of it?

I was there and I knew and felt something was terribly off! But that’s for another blog post… (hmm, I find myself writing that all the time) 

I don’t actually remember if I follow through… Dang.


Here’s that random workout video I thought I’d share – before losing my train of thought as you read above. 🙂

You might get a kick out of it, you might not. Enjoi.


I Drank Too Much Coffee

Deadlifts, Tuck Planche Push ups, and Other Weird Workout Movements

Body Movements

Tri set
Deadlifts (back focus)
Pull ups (my style)
Planche Pushups

One Set (Right After the Last Set)
Tuck Planche Pushups with Kick out (lol I have no name for it)

Single Leg Squats(Pistols?)
Single Straight Leg Deadlifts(weighted bar)
Butt to Floor Squats


Hope you enjoyed it!

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Talk soon,

Romeo – 1/2 of the Epic Duo

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