Kat and Romeo

Livin' la vida Loca en Costa Rica!

How To Create a Sustainable Life Overseas with Kat and Romeo

“Seashells, Turquoise Beaches and Building a 6 Figure Online Business”
…on working with Kat and Romeo…


  1. Beautiful video! I am falling in love with Costa Rica 🙂

  2. Kat & Romeo are the epitome of the laptop lifestyle! Internet Marketing is indeed the future of business. These guys are great leaders – follow them to the top!

  3. Kat and Romeo, you´ve done the greatest website ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Such an inspiration!!!!!

    And your introduction video is such a great idea!!! Sooo personal! Just the way it should be!

    See you in Orlando!!! 🙂

    Love from Sweden,
    Sanna xxx

  4. Kat and Romeo, love your story.
    Enjoy your website.

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