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How to Feed a Nicaraguan Monkey – Ometepe Island

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Sometimes You Just Have To Get A Pet Ctenosaur…

Ctenosaur? What da HECK is a Ctenosaur?

Ctenosaur Similis is the scientific name for a spiny tail black iguana native to Central America. Here in Costa Rica, we’ve got plenty!

We’ve got ctenosaurs lounging by the pools, by the beach, on the streets, on roof tops and almost anywhere you look! Here’s a big ctenosaur resting on a tree on the entrance to our condo by the beach!

They are omnivorous, feeding on fruit, flowers, foliage, as well as frogs and other small animals. The world record sprint speed of lizards (21.5 mph) was set by these Costa Rican Spiny Tailed Ctenosaurs.

Ctenosaur - Abe the Costa Rican Pet IguanaHere’s our very own ctenosaur hanging out (literally) on the book that changed our life!

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We saved him from getting eaten alive by the big black birds living in our backyard pool! Now, he roams free in our beach front condo but prefers to stay inside on the curtains, drapes, kitchen table, and on our shoulders!

With no further adieu…

Here’s a small clip, which I hope you’ll enjoy of our lil Ctenosaur Abe!

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Thank you for reading and watching Abe the Ctenosaur!

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Ctenosaur – Abe the Costa Rican Pet Iguana video created by Romeo Zapanta

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